The Senior Scout Adventure takes place from 12-23 December 2024
Moments from the last adventure

Water Activities Centre

Water Skiing

Instruction will be given in this exciting activity at the Water Activities Centre.

Then when you give the correct signal, the engine of the powerboat roars, and you are off behind the boat as it cuts its way out across the dam, the wind in your hair, the spray in your face, until - whoops! However, you can always try again until you're tearing around like an expert. On Adventures we have a very good record of beginners 'getting up' and experiencing the thrills and exhilaration.

Just remember always to keep your arms straight, for if you yield to the temptation to bend your arms it is almost certain - unless you are very experienced - that a spill will follow! For the sensation of speed and action water skiing takes a lot of beating!


Whether you have been successful at your venture at water-skiing or not, you will thrill to the excitement of the less-demanding but just as exhilarating ride on a Coleman tube.

Speed your way across the surface of the water on the tube towed by a powerful motorboat. Survive - and enjoy - the bumps, the slipstream and the spray whipping past you.

Speed is what it's all about, man!


If your parents have agreed by signing the Consent form, how about trying the most exciting form of flying - parasailing? When you are at the Water Activities Activity Centre and there is no wind, fasten yourself securely in the adjustable body harness and, when the instructor gives the signal and the motorboat starts moving, take a few steps and you are lifted gently into the air. Flying above the water, just relax and let the scenery glide by while you enjoy the most thrilling ride of your life!

The parasails are manufactured from rip stop nylon. All fittings are stainless steel or nylon, and the shroud lines and webbing are tested to military specifications.


Experienced instructors will teach you sailing yachts on Clanwilliam dam. The instruction on the principles of sailing will be followed by practical demonstrations, with you and your pals skimming across the surface of the water experiencing the thrills of sailing.

If you are already a competent sailor, take a couple of pals and have an enjoyable time demonstrating your skills. A day at the Water Activities Centre is very relaxing after your days of hiking on the trails.


Learn how to handle a canoe and have fun gliding across the surface, paddles dipping rhythmically in the water. You and your partner in the canoe can relax after the strenuous days on the trail and you will soon master the art of paddling. Feel the breeze on your face, the sun on your back, as you cut through the water

Board Sailing

Boardsailing developed in America from the sports of surfing and Malibu surfing when a method of attaching a mast to the board by means of a universal joint was developed.

After receiving instruction from the Sailing Team, set out onto the dam and have fun developing your skills.

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