The Senior Scout Adventure takes place from 12-23 December 2024
Moments from the last adventure

The Senior Scout Adventure

Takes place from 12-23 December 2024 in the famous Cederberg mountains!

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What you can do on the adventure

What is the Adventure About?

The Adventure programme provides unforgettable adventure and fun in the famous backpacking country of the Cederberg Wilderness Area along rugged, rocky trails. Programme features combine the best of advanced Scouting to provide you with fun and a real challenge - water activities, rock climbing, the ultimate challenge game, underwater diving, sailing, and many more!

Where is the Adventure held?

The Cederberg mountains (Afrikaans: Sederberg) and nature reserve are located near Clanwilliam, approximately 300 km north of Cape Town, South Africa at about 32°30′S 19°0′E. The mountain range is named after the endangered Clanwilliam Cedar (Widdringtonia wallichii - old name was Widdringtonia cedarbergensis), which is a tree endemic to the area. The mountains are noted for dramatic rock formations and San rock art. The Cederberg Wilderness Area is administered by CapeNature.

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