The Senior Scout Adventure takes place from 12-23 December 2024
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About The Adventure

The Adventure programme provides unforgettable adventure and fun in the famous backpacking country of the Cederberg Wilderness Area along rugged, rocky trails. Programme features combine the best of advanced Scouting to provide you with fun and a real challenge - water activities, rock climbing, paintball, underwater diving, sailing, and many more! This is an unbeatable recipe for fast-moving enjoyment and action. If you are a senior Scout, 15 years or older, and you are looking for high adventure and an outdoor challenge in a famous mountain wilderness, then the SENIOR SCOUT ADVENTURE in December has been designed for you!

Come and experience the feeling of adventure and achievement backpacking and climbing in a vast unspoilt wilderness well known for its unique features like the Wolfberg Cracks, the Wolfberg Arch, and the Maltese Cross. Enjoy the soaring peaks like the Tafelberg, Groot Krakadouw and the Sneeuberg with their cliffs, pinnacles, ravines and valleys. When hiking along the high trails, thrill to the eye-stretching sweep of the peaks marching into the blue haze of distance.

On the first day, the Patrols assemble at Camping HQ. Here they draw trail rations, meet other Patrols, and prepare for their trips. Thereafter, each Patrol follows a hiking itinerary that takes it backpacking for 10 days along trails and across mountains - camping on the trail or at Activity Centres, climbing peaks, swimming - to reach the various Activity Centres and to participate in their programmes. On the eve of the last day, all Patrols reassemble at Camping HQ for the final Camp Fire before departure the next day.

As the Adventure will take place mainly in a Wilderness Area, the number of participants must be limited to a maximum of 50 Patrols of 10 persons each - that is, 500 participants in total. Patrols are strictly limited to 10 persons each to comply with the Wilderness Area regulations, and no exceptions can be made. An illustrated PARTICIPANTS ADVENTURE GUIDE, giving full details of the Adventure will be sent to every Adventurer well in advance of the event, together with the special Adventure badge. The Participants Adventure Guide explains exactly what you may expect from your arrival at Camping HQ until your departure and includes a recommended kit list.

Together with other members of the patrol the Patrol Leader will be required to choose between 3 predetermined itineraries. Each of the itineraries have been planned so as to ensure that all participants get the opportunity to experience a diverse range of activities while also ensuring that the popular activities - such as Dutch Oven Cooking – are visited by all patrols.

In order to conform to the Wilderness Area regulations the hiking itineraries have to be carefully co-ordinated and Patrols MUST stick to their allocated itineraries. The Patrol will be asked to list its choice of itineraries in order of priority. In due course the Patrol Leader will be advised of the itinerary allocated to the Patrol. Every effort is made to try and ensure that the itinerary requested is allocated to the patrol.

Expert instructors staff each Activity Centre. The Patrol itineraries are planned to ensure that each person has a full opportunity to participate in the activities offered. On every Adventure we try to offer one or two new activities as well as to upgrade and enrich the old favourites, often taking into account suggestions made by participants.


Soar above the water at Clanwilliam Dam, enjoying the excitement of PARASAILING. Pit your stalking skills and courage against the opposing team in a fast-moving, exciting PAINTBALL field game.

At the Water Activities Centre enjoy BOARDSAILING, SAILING and WATER SKIING. Enjoy the fun of diving for sunken treasure at the DIVING Centre.

Learn amazing facts about the universe and explore the brilliant night sky at the ASTRONOMY Centre. And there's more! Cook your friends and yourself a delicious meal, and biscuits using a reflector oven, at the DUTCH OVEN COOKING Centre.

Experience the thrills and exhilaration of ROCK CLIMBING on the cliffs of the Cederberg Tafelberg.

Take part in a GOLD RUSH and prospect for gold like the old-timers by learning how to pack burros correctly, how to pan for gold. Enjoy assembling of components at the ELECTRONICS Centre. Relax in the shade of the HANDCRAFTS Centre, making yourself a colourful T-shirt by tie-dyeing and other useful articles.

At the unusual HANDICAPPED AWARENESS Centre have fun learning what it is like to have a physical handicap when playing sport or in other activities. It may not sound all that exciting, but in past Adventures it was rated one of the 3 most popular activities.

Other amazing base activities include, Archery, Pizza Making, and much much more!

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