The Senior Scout Adventure takes place from 12-23 December 2024
Moments from the last adventure


Does your Patrol dare to accept the challenge? The games, which are based on the traditional wide games such as Flag Raiding, Storming the Stockade and Ambush, promise you plenty of tension, excitement and fun. Here is your opportunity to demonstrate your superior stalking and observation! It is a battle of wits and strategy. Physical size and strength are not important.

You and your Patrol are on a mission to capture the flags of the opposing Patrol and in the process to locate and 'take out' the defenders. The wide game will be played in an area with plenty of camouflage for you - and the opposition!

All Patrol members are armed with a C02 powered marker pistol containing pellets made of gelatine capsules filled with a coloured non-toxic, washable, biodegradable dye.

The marker pistol has been specifically designed for the game, which is safer than most sports. Safety goggles are worn for the whole game.

Will your Patrol accept the ultimate challenge?

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