The Senior Scout Adventure is scheduled to take place between 12-23 December 2024! 
Moments from the last adventure

Mountaineering Base

Mountaineering can be as much fun and exciting as any activity. Restless adventurers seek challenges, comradeship, spectacular views, stimulating exercise, and solace by climbing high mountains. You can fulfil these urges in the Cederberg by climbing THE BIG ONE.
Climb the mighty Sneeuberg, the highest in the range (2028m), bivouac near the top under the guidance of instructors, and watch the glorious sunrise from the summit.

An abseil off the peak takes you down to the slopes below and the Sneeuberg hut with the memory of stupendous views across mountains and plains into the blue haze of distance.

All in all, this is an unforgettable experience that will remain in your memory.

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