The Senior Scout Adventure takes place from 12-23 December 2024
Moments from the last adventure

Gold Rush

Join the 19th Century-style gold rush in 'them thar hills' and maybe strike that 'pay dirt' that the early gold prospectors dreamed about. You can become an early prospector and pan for gold in a stream.

No animal is more closely associated with the colourful history of the explorers, gold and diamond seekers, and pioneers than the 'burro' or donkey. In the South-West of the United States of America they were known as 'mountain canaries'. Burro-packing methods, including how to tie the famous diamond hitch will be explained and demonstrated by 'Barberton Dave' and his fellow prospectors using genuine burro-pack saddles imported from Colorado. Then you and your mates will pack the burros and head for a likely spot to pan for gold.

Take part in an old-time gold rush where you race on foot from the starting line to be the first to stake your claim. With your claim staked and registered with claims officer 'Barberton Dave', you could be will be lucky and strike it rich - and walk off with the prize!

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