The Senior Scout Adventure is scheduled to take place between 12-23 December 2024! 
Moments from the last adventure

Dutch Oven Cooking

The old cast-iron Dutch Oven can't be beaten for good old-fashioned cooking like mother does it! No, you don't have to carry them! They will be available at the Dutch Oven Cooking Activity Centre.

Indispensable to the early pioneers who crossed North America in wagon trains in the middle of the last century, they became probably the most important cooking utensil on the wagon or pack animal.

Through the years, Scouts and other campers of all styles have found the Dutch Oven the most versatile cooking tool. It can be used for frying, browning, steaming, stewing, roasting, and baking.

At the Activity Centre they will be used to produce tasty roasts, deep fruit pies, cobblers, bread, cakes, scones, and oven-fried chicken - you name it! Try your hand at baking biscuits with a reflector oven stood near the fire! You won't believe your results!

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