Section G: Itineraries, Routes, Maps and Activity Centres

Adventure Itineraries

Together with your Patrol Leader and other members of your patrol you will chose the patrol's itinerary from three different circular routes, each with their reverse options: a North Challenge, Shaleband and South Peaks, all having their own cluster of Activity Centres. Patrols travel around these circular routes, starting at different points so as to spread out the Patrols from each other. The Trips Planner, in conjunction with the Adventure Organiser, will make the final allocation of itineraries. The Adventure Organiser will allocate you your itinerary, hopefully your first choice.

South Peaks and the Xtreme award

Scouts who hike the tough South Peaks route will conquer the two highest peaks in the Cederberg (Sneeuberg 2027m and Tafelberg 1968m). The only transport on this route is the Overlander trip to Clanwilliam Dam.

By hiking and completing the entire South Peaks route and meeting all the criteria for the adventure Award (see page 7) you will qualify to receive both the Award and the Xtreme award.

The Xtreme Award is worn on your Scout uniform below the Senior Scout Adventure badge.

You can use the following Charts to view the Activities and the Routes to help you and your Patrol Leader choose an itinerary.

To view clear and scalable colour maps, visit our page at Routes

All the Activity Centres and Itineraries

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Who may participate

Scout Patrols where all Scouts are over the age of 15 (barring very exceptional circumstances) but not yet turned 18 at the start of the Adventure, qualify to enter. Scouter Patrols where all adults are over the age of 18 are welcome to enter too. 

Adventure History

The Heritage Team have posted some interesting facts on previous Adventures. Click here for a trip into the past.