Section E: Home Hospitality

If you are not a Capetonian, the Adventure organisers will arrange home hospitality for you if you require this service. Home hospitality is available on 9 December 2016, being one day before the Adventure. It is also available on 22 December 2016.

Home Hospitality details will be emailed to you in November 2016, assuming you request this service. You will need to make sure you have sufficient money to cover your food costs on 9 December 2016 and breakfast/lunch on 10 December 2016. (Snack pack will be provided on the busses enroute to the Cederberg.)

If you so wish, you are welcome to arrange your own accommodation in Cape Town but this may not be at any Scout facility/campsite. You would need to make your own way to the city centre of Cape Town (Good Hope Centre) for departure to the Cederberg.

Please complete the Home Hospitality and Transport details as part of your web based online application. Please do NOT email these details to us. This is even if you are making your own way to the Cederberg and/or do not need home hospitality. This must be done by 30 September 2016.

Illegal / Illicit Substances

Searches may be carried out for illegal substances including alcohol, and should you be found with anything on your person / in your possession, the appropriate action will be taken. Obviously where this involves illegal substances, the South African Police Services will become involved. (Please do not take any chances as this particular issue is to be seriously addressed with no leniency being shown).

Cameras and Photography

Over recent years, the rise in popularity of digital social media has been massive, certainly helped by the high resolution cameras now found in most smartphones. What better way than to share your Adventure experiences with family, loved ones and friends than to “click” everything that takes your fancy. The pics ultimately form a wonderful album of memories to share or take home with you.

Camping HQ will boast a fully equipped Internet Café with high-speed wi-fi connectivity for all your social media needs. Upload all your pictures, as you pass through the Internet Café, onto our server and help us to create a database of Adventure memories. During the 2014 Adventure more than 27 000 photographs were downloaded by participants and staff. Bring your own USB device cable.

We are geared to break that record in 2016, so click away and share! Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. A selection of the best images will be shown at the final campfire.

Who may participate

Scout Patrols where all Scouts are over the age of 15 (barring very exceptional circumstances) but not yet turned 18 at the start of the Adventure, qualify to enter. Scouter Patrols where all adults are over the age of 18 are welcome to enter too. 

Adventure History

The Heritage Team have posted some interesting facts on previous Adventures. Click here for a trip into the past.