Section D: Transport

If you are not a Capetonian you should make your own travel arrangements to and from Cape Town. You should arrive in Cape Town on 9 December 2016 and leave Cape Town after 21:00 on 22 December 2016. It is probably easier for you to leave Cape Town on 23 December 2016.

Patrols from up-country, traveling on their own by road, may wish to proceed directly to Camping Headquarters. If so, you must arrive no later than 12:00 hours on 10 December 2016. A road map is available for download off our website. The first meal supplied will be supper on the 10 December 2016.

The coaches will return from the Cederberg to central Cape Town at approximately 17:30 on 22 December 2016. It is inconsiderate to the Adventure organisers to book aeroplane flights out of Cape Town before 21:00 – rather fly out on 23 December 2016.

For participants (hiking Scouts and hiking Assigned Mountain Rangers with Patrols only) the cost of the Adventure includes the bus trip from Cape Town to the Cederberg and back.

Staff members need to purchase a ticket from the Adventure organisers should they wish to use the coach to and from the Cederberg.

Travel Etiquette

You are to wear your uniform for the bus trip to and from Cape Town and the Cederberg. Wear it proudly. You belong to the greatest youth organisation in the world. A Scout in proper uniform that is courteous and well-mannered is the best public relations medium the Scout Movement has. Please also consider your fellow travellers with regards to your behaviour / songs / litter on the buses.

Who may participate

Scout Patrols where all Scouts are over the age of 15 (barring very exceptional circumstances) but not yet turned 18 at the start of the Adventure, qualify to enter. Scouter Patrols where all adults are over the age of 18 are welcome to enter too. 

Adventure History

The Heritage Team have posted some interesting facts on previous Adventures. Click here for a trip into the past.